MMA Training

Whether you are looking to become the next cage fighting sensation or whether you just want to be in shape like one, the PKG Training Center will have your heart pumping and your blood flowing in no time!


We know our MMA. PKG has an in-house professional MMA Fight Team that includes some of the sport’s top contenders. PKG specializes in MMA training, but we know that not everyone is looking to get in the cage. MMA training will put you in some of the best shape of your life even if you have no interest in stepping into the arena. We have classes and personal training sessions available with motivated trainers that will help you redefine your fitness needs and help you get results.

Benefits of MMA Training

  • Build endurance, flexibility, core strength and agility.
  • Get strong, sculpted muscles by incorporating multiple muscle groups into each exercise.
  • Focused, intense workouts maximize your time and your fitness.
  • Redefine what fitness means to you and get into fantastic shape… even if you never want to get in the cage.

MMA Passion & Fitness

Have you ever watched two MMA fighters face each other in the ring? The intensity of their concentration combined with their commitment to their training etched into their bodies as they find out who really is the best fighter in the ring is an inspiring and motivational experience. Fitness enthusiasts everywhere have started switching up their routines with MMA training, but you don’t have to be a fitness pro to get the benefits of this kind of training. MMA training focuses on building functional strength. It’s not just about increasing muscle mass. You will feel the difference in your body.

MMA training has become popular in recent years because of the unique combination of endurance training, body building, and functional sculpting necessary to create a powerful fighter’s body. Every moment is one to be maximized this is attained through shorter, more intense workouts that give you core strength and agility. We don’t just focus on one muscle group at a time like traditional gym training. MMA training incorporates multiple muscle groups with each exercise.

All Levels of Experience Welcome

Whether you are a beginner, on the intermediate level, or working with advanced skills, our experienced trainers have been there and can push you every step of the way. Get real training from actual MMA fighters. Build muscles, get toned, and learn techniques that are great in the ring or out.

PKG Facility Advantage

Our facility has the most up to date equipment and we offer an unparalleled fitness experience in an energized environment that is the perfect blend of modern training styles and that old school fighter’s gym feel. PKG offers a training ring, male and female locker rooms, showers and towel service, and all of the mat space you could want. We have any equipment you need to make every visit a successful one.

Join the PKG Family

Let our experienced staff redefine what fitness means to you. Whatever your level, we are here to help you reach your fitness goals. Train with a real MMA fighter or customize your training to fit your schedule with a full range of classes at this premier fitness training facility.

Now is the perfect time to get in the best shape of your life.

What are you waiting for? Call us today to get a free trial session with a MMA professional coach.